Warriorland Holster Reviews

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Love it

New to CC so can’t say it’s the most comfortable ever cause I have nothing to compare it to, but it’s comfortable for me, love high tight it fits my belts, love how the claw helps push pistol closer to me. The inside is smooth and soft so don’t have to worry about wear marks on my pistol. Would definitely order again

Hellcat holster

Well built. The shipping was awesome and it came fast. I really like it

Can’t Go Wrong With WarriorLand!

I’ve made multiple purchases from this company. I have not been let down yet. I own a laser/holster combo for my G3C but have decided I want a light combo now as I think it better suits my current need for EDC. In my experience with this brand I think you can’t go wrong with WarriorLand!

Good trigger guard holster

Works and fits great on my Hellcat. I mainly purchased this in order to take my hellcat with me fishing and not carrying with my AIWB holster which was digging into my stomach and ab when I would sit down while fishing. This trigger guard allows me to have one in the chamber and the firearm carrier inside of my right pocket of my life jacket or PFD. I still carry with a tier1 holster with the extra mag on the side but when I fish in my kayak, I will carry it inside of my vest with this trigger guard. Thanks again warriorland and great price!


Would expect to pay much more for this product - I have it on a custom glock 19 build so my favorite carry pistol so it sees a ton of carry time gets exposed to high heats. Very secure great position on the weapon and the fact that it does not extend past the weapon is a big plus. I just purchased the Universal Light Laser Combo for my sig 320 45 acp.....

Simply the Best for the Money!

I am blown away by the quality of the light and fitted holster. I really like that you don’t have to take the light off to replace the batteries. It features easy on, strobe, and always on. It fits so flush you’d think it was made into the trigger guard itself. I also own the green laser combo for my G19. It’s very easy to switch out from one to another. The light suits my needs a little better right now versus the laser but glad I own them both. So glad I found WarriorLand! They are simply the best for the money!

Nice Gift, BUT -Would be better if it was for my 380- doesn't fit hubby's 9mm

It's extremely well-made, but doesn't fit my hubby's 9mm mag., it's much too big.
Additionally, since I was ordering a Holster for my S&W EZ 380... it would have been super nice to have been able to choose from a mag holder that fit my ammo. Thank you anyway! Maybe I can trade it for some reloads from a friend.

Excellent Fit

I a "Well-Rounded" Gal, so I figured the Fat Guys one would work for me too. It's great, I didn't even feel it when sitting down and it was well hidden worn inside my jeans with no belt. Easy to draw from, well built. Very happy with purchase!!


Cool futuristic design and looks way better than the tlr’s. I sighted it in at 15 yards on my smith & Wesson sd40ve and it held zero fine after 40 rounds. It’s an absolute steal for the price🤙🏻

Great Value and Multiple Handgun Compatible (with a slight mod)

I ordered this specifically for my Springfield Armory Echelon knowing that it wasn't quite fitted for it. Using Handgun Hero, I was able to determine that the dimensions for the Echelon were nearly identical to the G17. I took a chance, boy was it worth it. With a few slight modifications(additional spacers, and cut off and polish the inner body), I was not only able to have it fit, but was also able to turn it into a left-handed OWB or IWB with a paddle attachment I had laying around. It's a nice snug fit without compromising controls and draw speed. GREAT CHANCE, GREAT PRODUCT, EXTREMELY SATISFIED with how everything turned out!!!

Awesome Green Laser and Molded Holster

I have always wanted a laser for my G19 but never found a good holster that the gun would fit with a laser on it. When I found WarriorLand I couldn’t believe the cost of getting a fitted holster and a laser combo. For the money I had to give it a try. First off the laser fits very flush to the pistol and is very easy to attach. I love the battery indicator in the on/off button. The holster is very well built and you can adjust the tightness with the two screws on the side. Zeroing in the laser is super easy with the provided tool. I’m really impressed with this setup and feel you get the best bang for the buck, no pun intended, with this combo.

Great Holster | Great Price

I bought a very similar Kydex holster with anti-print claw from a well known 'premium' Holster company for my Taurus G3c and paid over DOUBLE the price!! The Warriorland holster is every bit as good and I would say even better. The other brands holster extended past the muzzle which made it uncomfortable wearing while seated in the appendix carry position, it didn't have a full length sweat guard and no cut out for a red-dot sight. Plus I also got a FREE magazine carrier with my purchase! No brainer.


I had multiple kydex holsters and they always pinch me. I decided to try this one for newly purchased gx4. It fits great and doesn't pinch me. Not to mention the price is phenomenal

I love this product

The holster fit the full sized pistol perfectly. It allowed me the option of carrying this specific gun along with the Girsan MC28 SAT, which both are larger than my regular choices for concealed carry and there aren’t many options for the girsan however I am still learning how to work the claw

Fits Perfectly, G3C

Loved the one I bought for my G19. Know I’m going to love this one too. Really nice how flush these fit on the pistol. Also like how easy it is to adjust the beam with the provided tool. The fitted holster is really nice and an adjustable tightness is easy to achieve with the screws on the side. I almost forgot, the battery indicator is a great feature as well.

Just what I needed

I ordered this holster for my Glock 17 RTF2 fish scales. The quality of this holster is superb. I normally carry iwb but occasionally when I work an off-duty detail or have training that doesn't require my full duty belt I will wear this holster.


the holster and light are great, fits hellcat perfect and is comfortable, just took a month to get


First of all. I have not received my order, although they say it was fulfilled 14 days ago. I have ordered their holsters through Amazon and had no issues. But ordering direct has been a horrible experience. Email communication has been ridiculous. Shipping process is very, very slow and as I stated, I have NOT received my holster since ordering back in early February. The holsters I have from this company that I ordered from Amazon are great. Good fit, well made, and arrived quickly. Just DONT order directly from Warriorland itself. Just dont.

Level II Retention Thumb Release OWB Holster Glock 17 22 31 with Red Dot Optics Cut | WARRIORLAND

Great holsters! Love it! I Needed a holster for work and needed fast. I love the way it fits to my duty belt, love they way my Glock fits perfectly into the holster and love the price. I ordered it late February and it came about a week later in the mail. It also came with a free Mag holder. Thank you for an amazing product at a great price.

For Hellcat RDP

I’ve used this holster for almost a year now for the Hellcat RDP and I have had no issues with it. The clip is adjustable to allow for different angles to fit your preferred draw angle. There are screws to adjust the tension that you want on the gun. I wear this IWB on my appendix and the comfort level is great. Even with the compensator on the end it doesn’t press into me uncomfortably at all. I originally wore it on a stiff 5.11 belt but have since switched to a Kore ratchet style carry belt. I have worn it with semi tight shirts and have had no problems with printing whatsoever. The claw clip works very well with pressing against the belt and keeping the butt of the gun concealed to my body. I’m 6’2” and about 190 lbs. I also haven’t had problems with the gun falling out of the holster if inverted. I don’t have it tensioned extremely tight either but just through normal wear and use it hasn’t had any issues with becoming unholstered. Highly recommend this holster!

Green Laser Sight

Bought the Green Laser Sight from Amazon, for my GEN 5 17 and wow better then expect. Also it came with a holster kill 2 birds with one stone for a RESONABLE PRICE!!!

Great combo. Kinda unreal

I am surprised about the quality of both the light and the holster. Nothing seems cheesy. Fits perfect. Bright enough. Holster is just fine. Grip sticks enough above the belt to allow me to grab the firearm without diffing below the belt. Conceals great for appendix cary. I have always been a fan of Streamlight and due to the cost of this combo I thought I would give it a try. We will see how it holds up with plenty of shooting.

Perfect light/holster combination for Glock 19.

Great combo. Comparable light from a major brand will alone cost $110, and a matching holster for that light from WarriorLand another $50 = $160. WarriorLand sells the whole combo for under $60. So you save $100 for ammunition. And the quality and fit are impeccable. Fits my G19 like a glove.

Note to WarriorLand: Please make the same combo for Glock 43X MOS.

Great Lightt at a Great Value!

I have used this light over the past hunting season. The light is small but very powerful. It is easy to carry, powerful light (it is 1600 lumens), adjustable (in brightness) and works a long time between charges. I had many trips to my stand and then back home in the dark before it needed a charge. I keep this light by my door during the night, so I can spot coyotes in the yard...I reaches well over 100 yards. I am impressed and a believer. Great light at a Great Value!! I did a full review of this light, check it out at https://youtu.be/Mp0gP0cPRb8?si=sSiH599RxXQCRQ2F